Stumble Run Fall & Fun 3D Game-Stumble Run Fall & Fun 3D Game

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Screenshot of Stumble Run Fall & Fun 3D Game-Stumble Run Fall & Fun 3D Game

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Stumble Run Fall & Fun 3D Game-Stumble Run Fall & Fun 3D Game introduction

Stumble run fall & fun 3D game is a run and fall guy’s 3D game specially designed on teeter totter board environment to check your running and stumble skills.
If you are a lover of fall dudes game, then this is perfect for you to play and enjoy the champion race among multiplayers. You have to be in top 10 in 1st level of the game.
The party champion guys gathered at a party royal and decided to race for enjoyment because they were getting board in that party. So they choose a place to have fun by racing in an island. The seesaw has been designed for racing above water. You are also among that party guys and you have to run with them in order to win the race.
You have to reach on the opposite side or finish line by crossing the seesaw or teeter totter board with your racing and stumble skills. If you knock out, you will miss the opportunity and you will start again from starting line.
In this multiplayer racing game, dudes will fall, run race and jump to cross the seesaw to reach other side. If you fall during crossing you can dive in water also. You have to keep running and jumping with adequate expertise to finish the game.
It’s a thrilling and valiant game for racing lovers. The game comprises of bunch of thrilling and exciting levels which can take you to another level of enjoyment.
You have to race in all levels and sustain your position in order to win.
Things to remember in Stumble run fall & fun 3D game
Don’t Fall
Don’t Knock out
Keep Running Fast as you can
Dodge the moving seesaw and jump
Beat Everyone
Stumble run fall & fun 3D game is the last man standing game to win the title of a champion among multiplayer. It’s also easy to play for you with easy and user-friendly controls.

Features of Stumble run fall & fun 3D game:
3D Environment
HD Graphics
Astonishing colorful design
Lots of exciting & thrilling levels
Fun fall and race
Easy controls
Smooth gameplay
Run, jump & Dive
Customizations and many more

Note: This game is supported by ads. Play offline for better experience.
Report us if you find any bugs or lag in the gameplay, environment, graphics and controls. Our developers are happy to assist you.

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